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tips for selling real estate in back bay boston
Selling Real Estate in Back Bay Boston

Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Q: Why should I use a Real Estate Agent?

There are many advantages of working with Real Estate Agents:For sellers, they have better resources for getting more buyers for your home. They share their newest property listings with other Real Estate Professionals before they are even published in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).As members of the National Association of Realtors, Massachusetts Association of Realtors as well as other local associations of Realtors in different counties, they're able to share their listings with thousands of Realtors and home buyers looking to buy a home in your area. By having access to the MLS and the network of Realtors and home buyers, Real Estate Professionals can offer one of the most powerful ways of getting your home sold quickly and for the most money.For sellers, they have better advertising and marketing resources for finding the best buyers for your home; this higher level of exposure to the best buyers for your home can maximize your real estate profits. Q: What is the most important factor of selling my house? The most important factor of marketing your property is the price. Your price should be adjusted to reflect the market, and the property's worth. Your Seller's Agent from will put the time and effort to produce a selling price at fair market value.

Q: Do I need to make repairs before I sell?

The condition of your home or property is another important factor. Try to fix any and all defects (peeling or faded paint, cracks, stains, etc.) Condition alone can sometimes prompt fast buying decisions. Consider making repairs and cosmetic improvements, a nice looking house triggers an emotional response that can lead to a financial response. Q: What repairs are the most important?

As a seller, you should consider the following:

  • Landscaping - Has the front yard been maintained? Are all areas of the house visible to the street in good condition?
  • Cleaning and/or fixing the driveway - Is your driveway cluttered with toys, tools, trash etc.?
  • Painting - Does both the exterior and the interior look like they have been well taken care of?
  • Carpeting - Does the carpet have stains and need to be cleaned?
Q: What are the steps of a sales transaction?

1. Obtain a Market Analysis

2. Identify a Seller's Agent.

3. Agree on a fair market price for your property with your Seller's Agent.

4. Negotiate and accept an Offer with appropriate Contingencies.

5. The buyer will schedule a Home Inspection, your sellers agent will accompany the inspector.

6. Sign the Purchase and Sales Agreement and review the documents.

7. Obtain a Smoke Inspection.

8. Obtain a Title V Certificate (if applicable).

9. Make sure Buyer receives Condo Docs or 6D Certificate (if applicable).

10. Schedule a Final Walk-Through of the property.

11. Attend the Closing with your ID and any other documents the closing attorney requests.

12. Receive payment for your sold property